Designer LV Bonnet

Designer LV Bonnet

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LV Bonnet.

Platform Plans Integrations Customers Resources Help Center Log in | Sign up Yotpo Help Center Installing Yotpo Shopify Shopify: Installing Yotpo Yotpo is a plug and play Shopify app, which means you can add Yotpo to your Shopify store with just one click, and start collecting reviews immediately. With Yotpo's Shopify integration, you can easily import your existing reviews from other platforms over to Yotpo, and use your customer content to increase conversion rate, establish trust, and drive more traffic from social. Getting Started Adding the Yotpo app to your Shopify account 1. Log in to Shopify 2. Click on 3. Click Visit Shopify App Store 4. Search and choose Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews 5. Click Add App 6. Click Install app 7. Create a password for your Yotpo account Installing Yotpo We highly recommend automatically installing Yotpo to easily implement everything you need for the app to run smoothly: Yotpo's Javascript The Reviews Widget Heads up! Some shop themes are more complex than others and may require manual installation. If you already had Yotpo automatically installed, you can easily remove and re-install the Yotpo app on your Shopify account, and chose the manual installation path. All your reviews and modifications made to your account will be saved and you can start just where you left off :) Automatically install Yotpo on your shop: 1. When reaching the Yotpo Installation Wizard you can easily customize your Automatic Review Request and The Reviews Widget: 2. When reaching the last step of the Installation Wizard, select Install Now under Automatic Installation: 3. Click on Install Automatically: 4. Wait for the installation process to be completed and then press continue to admin Want to add the Star Rating Feature to your shop? If you wish to add the Star Rating feature to your product pages and/or your category pages, you can easily do so by following the Installing the Star Rating on Product Pages guide or the Installing the Star Rating on Category Pages guide further down this page Manual Installation: A step-by-step guide Important! Changing your Shopify theme will cause all of Yotpo's features (and maybe some other apps as well) to disappear, and will require to be manually re-installed on your new theme files. Click here to learn more about switching your Shopify theme or working with a staging/sandbox theme. Installation Video Need help? If at any point you're having difficulties with the installation, you can use the online support form to contact Yotpo Support. Let's Get Started! When reaching the Yotpo Installation Wizard, go through the two initial steps of customizing your Automatic Review Request and The Reviews Widget. When reaching the last step on the Installation Wizard, click on See Instructions under Manual Installation: Complete the following steps to manually install the Yotpo features on your Shopify store: Important: The following guide contains the most frequently used files for implementing Yotpo's features. Don't worry if you can't find them or if using them doesn't work. You can either explore the files on your own until you find the right spot, or you can use the online support form to contact our lovely support team to help you find the way! 1. Add Yotpo's JavaScript (Required) Click here 2. Install the Reviews Widget (Required) Click here Open your Shopify admin Click on Click on Themes Click on Actions Click on Edit Code: 6. Access the file product.liquid which is located under Templates (you can also use the search on the left to find the files): 7. Paste the following code under the last line of code: